Interview preparation and guidance

Interview preparation and guidance

The Visa interview is the grand finale for all those students who intend to study in abroad. A student can go on any day for the Visa interview with full preparation. Sometimes the most deserving students fail to get Visas due to lack of confidence level as they do not know how to present their evidence before the consulate office and due to insufficient documentary proofs they fail to perform at the Visa interview.

We at ALPHA believe that a good preparation, confidence level and Visa file containing with systematic documentation required helps a student to reply promptly and confidently at the Visa interview. We prepare the students in this respect by conducting mock interviews to make them ensure that a student becomes confident, clear to his words and not just thoughtful or confused but also truthful in the Visa interview.

The questions which are asked to students should be answered carefully. The following are some of the regular questions asked during the interview and the students should be able to reply them confidently:

Q. For what purpose are you going for abroad?

Q. Why are you not enrolling in Nepal for the same course?

Q. Why shall you return back to Nepal?

Q. What are the expenses involved for your trip?

Q. Who is going to bear all your expenses and How? / Who are your sponsors?

Note: The Questions given above are only meant as an overview to the student, however, there is a combination of around 1000 questions that can be asked from students during interview. Our Visa guidance almost covers the possible types of questions and we thoroughly train you properly that how to answer those questions.

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